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Income Calculation Worksheet

Income Calculation Worksheet

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Calculate mortgage qualifying income by analyzing income over time, the same way an underwriter will.

  • Ensure there are no surprises when underwriting reviews income documents
  • Stand out from other loan officers! Allow your buyers and realtors to confidently shop up to their preapproved maximum monthly payment
  • Great for new mortgage loan officer training
  • Format is Microsoft Excel, set up to print to PDF to be easily included with file submission to underwriting
  • After purchase you will be able to download immediately; you will also receive an email with link to download
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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

In my experience as a mortgage loan officer, I have encountered various mortgage calculators, but the mortgage loan qualifying income calculator stands out for its accuracy and attention to detail. It factors in multiple income sources, deductions, and other financial aspects, providing me with reliable results to help borrowers navigate the loan process successfully.


As a mortgage loan officer assisting numerous first-time homebuyers, the mortgage loan qualifying income calculator has become an indispensable resource in my toolkit. Its intuitive design simplifies the complex process of calculating qualifying income, allowing me to educate and guide my clients effectively. I highly recommend this calculator to my fellow professionals.


The mortgage loan qualifying income calculator has revolutionized the way I evaluate borrowers' eligibility for home loans. Its user-friendly interface and detailed breakdown of income sources provide me with a comprehensive view of their financial situation. Thanks to this calculator, I can provide my clients with accurate and reliable information.


As a mortgage loan officer, I initially had reservations about relying on an online calculator for calculating qualifying income. However, this tool has consistently delivered precise results, saving me time and enabling me to guide borrowers more effectively. It has become an invaluable asset in my daily work.

Sped up my process

I have been doing income calculation by hand, wish I had this years ago!