In January of 2019, I left my comfortable salary + commission job as a non-producing branch manager and started building my self-gen mortgage business from scratch.

In 2020, I closed $15,000,000 in mortgage loans with 100% of my business coming from realtor referrals.

In the height of the refi boom, I was closing 90% purchase business. 

I know what works.

My excellent friendship with my mentor is what made my success possible.

A good mentor is the difference between having to learn from your own mistakes, and learning from someone else's experience.

Learning from your own mistakes is fatally costly in both time and money.

I watched coworkers who did not have the guidance of an experienced, successful loan officer FAIL and leave the industry.

In fact, I believe in the value of having a mentor so much that 


If after ANY coaching call, you are unsatisfied and decide to not work with me in the future, we completely refund the cost of the call.


It's that simple.

You took the first step by getting here.

Take the next step now.

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Happy Closings :)


Coaching FAQ's

What is coaching?

Coaching is the same concept as mentoring, however you are paying your mentor for their time. One big benefit to this arrangement is you can rest assured your coach has no ulterior motives, while a mentor may have a vested interest in the advice they give based on their relationship with the individual they are mentoring. For example, a branch manager is incentivized to keep their loan officers producing, while not giving them the tools and guidance to become branch managers themselves. 

What do we talk about?

Typically, we talk about YOU! Where are you at, how did you get there, and where do you want to go. I can help you see your blind spots, overcome your roadblocks, and take your ability to close business to the level you desire. I believe in telling the kind truth; it still might hurt, but it's still the truth. 

How do I prepare for a coaching call?

Although it's not necessary, if there is anything you want to really dig into on our call, email me those topics/problems/experiences a few days before we connect. This helps me bring the most valuable guidance to our time together, and I want to make sure I'm helping you as much as I can when we do connect!

How often do I need to schedule a call?

I have no requirements for frequency, my coaching style is focused on adding value to you based on your goals. The most common schedule is every two weeks for a couple of months, then dialing back to as needed once you're on the right track with your goals. Some LO's with more experience want much less as they're looking for help with one specific problem, while one LO with no experience stuck with 2 calls/month for a full year.

What if the time I need to schedule isn't available?

If you don't see the time needed available, please shoot me an email at with some days/times that work and I will do my best to accommodate.

How does the unconditional money back guarantee work?

My goal is to provide so much help and value during our calls that you can't wait to connect again! If you ever feel like the time we've spent isn't worth what you've paid for it, I will refund the entire cost of that coaching session, NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Simply let me know that you'd like your money back, and shoot me an email stating the same within 1 hour of our call ending, and we will initiate the refund same day.